The development of one single ADC is currently a very long and tedious process. Each part of your ADC must be optimized along with the others to be effective and stable enough for clinical trials.
Through our proprietary advanced technology, we offer you to become your partner and take advantage of our knowledge. Save time and energy by letting us address your most important limitations you could experience during your project of ADC development. Homogeneity of coupling, purification processes or aggregation issues will not be an obstacle anymore.


You already have a monoclonal antibody as well as a cytotoxic drug both eligible for therapeutic-grade protocols? We offer you to realize their conjugation to make it a high-quality ADC. From a few micrograms to bulk quantities, we provide you with a pure homogeneous therapeutic-grade ADC which can subsequently be used in your proof of concept studies or even clinical trials.

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Proof of concept

You already have developed your own ADC and intend to license it to big pharmaceutical companies? Establishing a proof of concept for an ADC can be laborious and time-consuming. Thanks to our expertise and knowledge of the pharmaceutical market, we master all steps necessary to realize such a task in a cost-effective manner.

We have a wide range of specific tumor models which can be used in laboratory to challenge your ADC’s effectiveness. Our studies can demonstrate that your ADC is effective in neutralizing cancer cells and hence is worth being involved in clinical trials.

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Today we have privileged partnerships with most of the main worldwide pharmaceutics actors. You too have large infrastructures and wish to implement our technology in your own processes in order to produce industrial quantities of ADC? We are ready to negotiate out-licensing partnerships depending on the therapeutic potential of the ADC you want to produce.

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