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Mablink presents at World ADC Digital (September 15-18, 2020)

Mablink presents at World ADC virtual event on September 15th-18th, 2020

Pr. Benoît Joseph, co-founder and member of Mablink’s scientific advisory board, will present preclinical data of our drug-linker ADC platform based on a topoisomerase I inhibitor vs. gold standard Enhertu in a mouse model of gastric cancer. We also have embedded PSARlink, our patented hydrophobicity masking technology, into the drug-linker structure, thus affording DAR 8 ADCs having improved physicochemical properties, pharmacokinetics, efficacy and tolerability.

We are excited to share those results with you and further the discussion on ADC next challenges.

About World ADC digital 2020

World ADC Digital covers every element of ADC drug development making it your most important end-to-end learning experience of 2020, while enabling personal online interactions so that you can continue to build key collaborations within the ADC community. With over 75 industry expert speakers sharing detailed presentations over 5 tracks, 4 focused seminar days and 10 interactive workshops, we have added many new elements to ensure we bring you the most cutting-edge content from the likes of Daiichi Sankyo, Seattle Genetics and Genentech, and many more. To join the community, please visit World ADC Digital website here.

Our poster:

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