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Mablink is an awardee of the CLARA Proof of Concept Program 2019

Mablink receives the support of the Canceropole CLARA to push forward the development of its next generation ADC platform. This funding will be used to design ADCs with innovative cytotoxic payloads. The cytotoxic drugs that Mablink will test have new mechanisms of action and will confer Mablink’s ADCs an improved therapeutic index for better clinical transfer.

The Proof of Concept program is a call for proposals in the cancer research field, with a mandatory public-private cooperation. This call funds applied biomedical research and aims to promote knowledge and technology transfer between academic and industrial partners in the cancer field. The purpose of the proposal is to validate the Proof of Concept of a tool, service or product, at a preclinical or early clinical stage, for cancer patient care and/or well-being. The 2019 program was supported by the local authorities: Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes Region, Lyon Metropole and Grenoble Metropole.

Link : Mablink is one of three awardees of the Proof of Concept Program (Bref Eco) Link :

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