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Mablink Bioscience appoints Pejvack Motlagh, M.D., as Chief Medical Officer

Lyon, France, June 15, 2023

Mablink Bioscience (“Mablink”), a biotechnologycompany dedicated to advancing cancer therapy with next-generation antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs),today announced the appointment of Dr. Pejvack Motlagh, M.D., as Chief Medical Officer. He will serve on the Executive Management Team and report directly to Mablink’s Chief Executive Officer, Jean- Guillaume Lafay. Pejvack brings to Mablink a deep medical expertiseand a robust drug development experience, includingover 12 years dedicated to Oncologyin the industry. As Chief Medical Officer, he will be responsible for advancing Mablink’s clinical pipeline, especially its lead compoundMBK-103 as it advances towards First-in-Human studies in 2024 and will lead the Company effortsin clinical development strategy, clinicaloperations, patient safety and medical affairs. Prior to Mablink, Dr. Motlaghwas Head of Immuno-Oncology (IO) at Boehringer Ingelheim, leading the global clinical development teams, overseeing and managing their growingIO portfolio composed of more than 20 assets of various modalities and against multiple targets, developed in diverse solid tumors.Previously, he held global positions of increasing responsibilities at leadingoncology companies such as GSK, where he led the early clinical development of immunotherapeutics, or Bristol-Myers Squibb, where he supervised the medical affairs pre-launch efforts for their IO portfolio. At AstraZeneca, as Global Clinical Lead, he was instrumental in the transition of several compounds towards the late clinicaldevelopment phases. “We are very pleasedto welcome Dr. Pejvack Motlagh as our Chief MedicalOfficer. His experience in managing oncology portfolios, especially in the immuno-oncology and large molecules’ space,will be a great asset to take Mablink’s pipeline of innovative therapiesto the next level,” said Jean-Guillaume Lafay, Chief Executive Officer of Mablink. “As MBK-103 enters the last preclinical phases, Pejvack’sappointment is a very importantstep in making Mablink’s clinicalambitions a reality.” “I am delighted to join Mablink, a companywhose innovative and versatile ADC platformhas a tremendous potential to change the cancer treatment paradigmfor the many patients who aren’t well served by currently available treatment options. It is very excitingto be joining Mablink at this point in my career and I can’t wait to start working with this human-sized and highly motivated team to deliver the right clinical programs to meet Mablink’s ambitions: the prospect of turning promising drug-candidates into medicines that will transformpatients’ lives” commented PejvackMotlagh, Chief Medical Officer of Mablink.

Pejvack is a medicaldoctor who specialized in immunology and oncology. He holds a Medical degree from the University of Paris – Faculty of Medicine NeckerEnfants-Malades and Master’s degrees in immunology and molecular biology.

About Mablink Bioscience

Mablink Bioscience is a biotechnologycompany developing the next generation of an emerging class of cancer drugs called antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). Mablink’spatented hydrophilic drug-linker technology, PSARLinkTM, enables the design of homogeneous, plasma- stable, next generation ADCs with high DAR (drug-to-antibody ratio) while maintaining excellent pharmacological properties and tolerability.

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