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Mablink Bioscience announces appointment of its Chief Development Officer

Mablink Bioscience appoints its Chief Development Officer to support the regulatory development of its lead candidate MBK-103, an ADC using its proprietary PSARlink™ linker

Lyon, France - March 1, 2022

Mablink Bioscience S.A.S. (“Mablink”), a biotechnology company developing a pipeline of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) based on its proprietary PSARlink™ drug-linker technology to treat cancers with high unmet needs, today announced the appointment of Frédérique Brune, PharmD, as Chief Development Officer.

A highly skilled professional, Dr. Brune will bring her deep expertise and 20 years’ experience to Mablink where she will have the responsibility of the scientific and preclinical development teams. Her first and primary objective will be to oversee all the operations leading to an IND for Mablink’s lead ADC candidate, MBK-103. Dr. Brune will be in charge of completing the Development teams in the coming months, including through key hirings.

Dr. Brune was VP for Development CMC and Supply Chain at Innate Pharma, a global clinical-stage immune-oncology biotech company. Before that she spent 10 years in multiple Development Leadership positions at LFB, where she notably oversaw the successful registration of 2 innovative biological therapeutics. She eventually became LFB’s Quality Director of Bioproduction. Previously, she was Analytical Manager and Project Leader at Pierre-Fabre.

Jean-Guillaume Lafay, CEO of Mablink, said: We are delighted and honored to welcome Dr. Brune, a world-class expert and seasoned developer, at Mablink. Frédérique’s leadership will allow us to accelerate the development of our pipeline, strengthening our preclinical development capabilities and laying the groundwork for MBK-103’s clinical development, to help patients with high unmet medical needs”.

Frédérique Brune added:I am very excited to join Mablink. The PSARlink™ platform has the potential to generate best-in-class ADCs and the work the team has managed to produce in the past 12 months is outstanding. I can’t wait to start participating in the development of MBK-103 and its successors”.

About PSARlink™

PSARlink™ linkers are chemical links that can be placed between an antibody and a chosen cytotoxic molecule to be delivered into tumor cells. PSARlink™’s unique structure “masks” the cytotoxic molecules, especially hydrophobic compounds, and provides a “stealthy” property to such antibody-drug conjugates, enabling them to stay longer in the body, giving them more time to destroy tumor cells. At the same time, making ADC stealthy avoids most of the damage typically caused by such molecules to healthy cells: PSARlink™-based ADCs are better tolerated. These improvements translate into a 10-fold increase of the therapeutic index observed in animal models, a potentially game-changing factor for future clinical deployment.

PSARlink™ was licensed to Emergence Therapeutics AG in 2021 to be used in their ETX-22 ADC targeting Nectin-4 positive solid tumors.

About Mablink Bioscience

Mablink is a biopharmaceutical company which has developed PSARlink™, an innovative and hydrophilic drug-linker technology that brings dramatically improved pharmacological properties to antibody-drug conjugates.

Mablink is committed to leveraging its disruptive technology to help cancer patients, and is developing its own pipeline of ADCs targeting several cancers with high unmet medical needs.

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