Mablink Bioscience is a France-based pioneering biotechnology company developing 3rd generation Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADC) based on proprietary drug-linker technologies. Since the early 2000s, ADCs have been seen as highly potent therapeutic biomolecules but encountered major technological barriers impeding their full potential for cancer therapy.

We have built a unique continuum of skills, gathered experts in chemistry, pharmacology and immuno-oncology in order to develop a hydrophilic easy-to-implement platform for next-generation ADCs.

The resulting patented PSARlink hydrophilic drug-linker technology is the core element that circumvents all major limitations to ADC development and enables the formulation of 3rd generation ADCs.

PSARlink technology paves the way to a new generation of highly hydrophilic, better tolerated, highly-loaded ADCs.

Our ambition is to actively participate in the common effort aiming to bring safer and more efficient ADC candidates in clinical trials, ultimately providing new treatment options for cancer patients.