Our ADC platform at a glance ​

The core element of our ADC platform is our patented  hydrophilic polysarcosine, PSARlink technology. Nevertheless, to continuously improve our ADC platform and move ADCs forward to the next-generation, Mablink has several on-going R&D programs:

  • improving the drug-linker design (improved plasma stability, use of enzyme-cleavable moiety, use of new payloads with new mechanisms of action, improved payload protection against catabolism);
  • improving ADC physicochemical and pharmacological parameters (improved drug-loading, increased overall hydrophilicity, improved pharmacokinetics, decreased non-specific uptake)
By masking the payload intrinsic hydrophobicity, the PSARlink technology improves the drug-loading, physicochemical properties (decreased aggregation propensity), pharmacokinetic properties, efficacy and therapeutic index of the final ADC.
Mablink’s ADC plarform delivers ADCs that:
  • have an increased drug loading capacity: 4 to 8 times higher than 1st generation ADCs,
  • have a decreased propensity to aggregate,
  • are homogeneous and plasma-stable,
  • have improved hydrophilicity and pharmacokinetics profiles: our patented technology PSARlink preserves the hydrophilicity of the ADC
  • can be developed effortlessly, in a timely and cost-effective manner: our technology is directly applicable to any monoclonal antibody with no re-engineering required nor tedious enzymatic coupling procedures.