The core element of our ADC platform is our patented hydrophilic polysarcosine, PSARlink technology. To continuously improve our ADC platform and move ADCs forward to the next-generation, Mablink has other on-going R&D programs to improve the drug-linker design and the ADC physicochemical and pharmacological parameters. Read more

The PSARlink hydrophilic drug-linker platform is universal and can be adapted to all types of linkers architectures and drugs compounds in order to improve the manufacturability and therapeutic indexes of ADCs. Our technology is compatible with both native unmodified monoclonal antibodies or re-engineered antibodies incorporating conjugations tags. Read more

Mablink has developed a library of optimized drug-linker couples, validating the best linker for each cytotoxic drug to design ADCs with an improved therapeutic index for better clinical transfer. Our platform opens the way to the use of innovative “moderately potent” drugs having differentiated mechanism of action or very hydrophobic compounds as ADC payloads. Read more