Partnering with Mablink: a customized approach

Our objective is to be the preferred partner for your ADC projects. Our bioconjugation process is simple to implement, inexpensive and reproducible at an industrial scale. We provide a drug-linker solution that allows to quickly generate 3rd generation ADCs having improved therapeutic indexes. Our technological approach is easy-to-implement and does not require any re-engineering of the native monoclonal antibody. We usually provide proof-of-concept ADC material in just a couple of weeks.

Every step of the formulation of the ADC has been optimized so that our technology can be quickly implemented onto any pre-existing monoclonal antibody, thus providing final bioconjugates having improved physicochemical and pharmacological properties.

We can cover any step of the process:

We out-licence PSARlink technology to let you implement our technology in your own processes and on your own ADC. If you would like more information on how to partner with Mablink, please feel free to reach us using our contact form.