Board of Directors

Mablink co-founders (from top-left to bottom-right):
Dr W. Viricel — Mr J.-G. Lafay — Pr C. Dumontet — Pr B. Joseph.

Scientific staff

Our scientists have a strong background with many years of expertise in both organic chemistry and immunotechnology. They have been involved in multiple R&D programs so far for the development of innovative products and technologies. Their main goal has been for long to support scientific advances towards cancer therapy, and our new technology was born from their total implication in this project.

Sales & Marketing team

Our sales representatives are very talented and motivated. With a strong scientific background as well, they are the key interlocutors to understand your most specific user requirements. They are always in close contact with you at any time to adapt our service to your constraints with agility, and offer you the best customer experience.


Our technicians have many years of experience in all steps covering the development of ADCs (chemistry, antibodies…). They have been working actively with the compliance team to establish proven procedures which guarantee you quality and traceability. Our modern facilities and cutting edge equipment allows them to work efficiently.